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From now until the end of September all the proceeds from the sale of my personal images will be donated to the Washington State Dept. of Natural Resources in support of their fire fighting efforts. As many of you know Keith and I are huge supporters of the National Parks and are heartbroken over all the devastation the wild fires are leaving behind. People, land & animals are suffering and we would like to help in any way we can. Thank you for your support!! Please share this with your family and friends.



I would like to introduce you to a new branch of JW Photography,

Peppermint and Almonds Photography!!

Peppermint and Almonds is a special branch of JW Photography focused on capturing families battling childhood cancer. I want to help families who are fighting childhood cancer document and capture their everyday lives. I want to capture their raw emotion, their joys, their tears and everything in between.

The inspiration behind Peppermint & Almonds is the incredible Ms. Jocelin Hough. I had the honor of documenting a day in Jocelin’s life about a year ago. I learned, among so many things, that the fluids they use to flush her chemo-port tubes has a very bad taste so she eats peppermint and almonds to help take the taste away! Jocelin and her family inspired me to create P&A to help other families and bring further awareness to childhood cancer.

If your family or a family you know are battling childhood cancer please contact me for more information. There is no charge for these sessions and I can travel anywhere in Whatcom, Skagit, Snohomish and King counties. Please email me at jw_photography@live.com & don’t forget to ‘like’ Peppermint and Almonds Photography, and find us on Instagram @peppermintandalmonds!


I grew up in the Skagit Valley so I’ve seen my fair share of Tulips. I’ve also battled the hordes that infiltrate the Valley during the Tulip Festival! I figured it was safe to head up to Roosengaarde yesterday being as the Festival was wrapping up! The garden didn’t disappoint, so many colors and varieties, the beauty was endless!


“Be The Change You Want To See In The World.”

One of the things I love about my job is meeting incredible individuals. When Keegan was 14 they discovered she was Intersex. Keegan has a syndrome called Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome. AIS means they have XY chromosomes, internal testes, and ‘male’ hormonal patterns even though externally they appear female. Keegan is a founder of the GSA (Gender & Sexuality Alliance) club at their high school and is the Vice President of the Triangle Alliance (LGBT+club) at Everett CC. Keegan says they are passionate about equality and would like to go into law/politics, but their ultimate goal would be to serve on the supreme court. They are hoping to attend Reed College or UW to study Pre-Law and then apply to grad school.

I can tell, even in the very brief time I spent with Keegan, that they are going places. Their enthusiasm, their infectious smile and most of all their heart are going to take them on so many adventures.

Keegan has agreed to take part in my ‘Day in the Life’ series so stay tuned for more of Keegan’s incredible story!!

I had the honor of photographing Tami and Paul’s wedding this summer! The attention to detail and special touches were amazing. The brides daughter gave one of the most moving toasts I’ve ever been witness to. I was tearing up behind my camera, trying to not lose it the whole time she was talking! Thank you Tami and Paul for allowing me to capture such a special day. I love how you included your blended family into the ceremony. It was so wonderful to be a part of!

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